Friday, 21 July 2017

Hustle in the Grass

Hustle in the Grass: A Poem by Sudipta Maity

Hustling in the grass, he awaits
For his prey, not to become a hunt for play
The king of jungle, Gods of ancient Egypt
Now behaves like a mere cat, with more dust than fur.
Once, his roar would make the clouds collide with the mountains
Now, the mountains over look his pride with apathy.
His mother was killed by the man, who roams free in the cities.
His brother was killed by the men, for roaming free in the city.
He regrets the day, Adam laid the foundation of modern civilization
And made the sapiens go savage on a demonic spree.
The once afraid species of animals now kills him mercilessly
The once green home of his, is now dying alarmingly.
He knows no other being, that kills the very foundation of life on earth
These beasts, they label as wild are more domesticated for their home.
What does the humans want? He fathoms.
To become the sole centre of attention for us, universe replies.
The hills of Aravalis, the grassland of Africa, the desert of China
This panther can take his black spots on a yellow stocky body through all.
With grace he will eat anything that nature has to offer

But, respect to his life, is far more than anything that humans tend to cater.


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Sudipta Maity is an intern at Conservation Education Centre and a student of Bachelor of Science (Zoology) at Dr. Zakir Hussain Delhi College.  

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  1. Beautiful, this is really beautiful! You've done a great job!!! I love it ❤


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