Saturday, 12 August 2017

A Month For Butterflies

The spectacular variety of colours and patterns that is butterfly for us. And where to find them, of course in open fields, bushes, forest edges. But do we have such areas left? Especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi.

We suggest, if every garden/park in the Delhi left areas of lawn to grow and planted just a few wildflowers and selected host plants (without pesticides of course) then our butterflies, bees and other wildlife would thrive. 

And this is a well known fact that one species help to balance others. It is a web of life! Butterflies means pollination and butterflies also means more birds!

To establish the importance of butterflies and to make people aware about their diversity, habitat, population and other facts, CEC - Delhi is to observe September as Delhi Butterfly Month.

With more than 500 BNHS supporters, members, expert of butterflies, institutional patrons and butterfly enthusiasts, we are going to celebrate the month of ‘Blooms and Butterflies’. We will make sure that event will take over the entire month of September and Delhi people will cherish it for long-long time.

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The event, ‘Delhi Butterfly Month’ will start on September 1 with the grand inauguration at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. We will hit the start with Butterfly Origami Workshop, organize blog writing and slogan writing contest and announce our 20 days butterfly photography contest.

September 2 will be the walk day along with an eco game. The name of the walk is interesting too, it’s ‘Walk like Caterpillar’. People will act like the second phase of the butterflies’ life and learn how the gorgeous winged beauty look like during her developing stage.

September 3, the Sunday, is again dedicated for colourful creatures in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. We are organizing ‘Breakfast with Butterflies’. People will spend entire morning in butterfly garden of Asola. The garden is newly build and is a home of over 60 butterflies.

From September 4 to 16, CEC – Delhi is planning to do Butterfly Campus Counts and outreach program in various educational institutes in Delhi and NCR. The more the merrier. We are calling out people to organize a count in their campus.

September 17 is the Big Butterfly Count in selected few green corners of Delhi. Expert teams, led by team captains, will do the serious survey of the green zones and collect the data on butterflies, their habitat and conservational issues.

September 23 is the day of valedictory program. Prize distribution and huge gathering of people will be one of the most important parts of the event. However, the last day is dedicated for discussions. Data analysis, conservational practices, declaration of state butterfly will be the core part of the valedictory function.


To know more about the butterfly meet and how to participate, please contact us at

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