Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Conservation Education Centre

To all our beloved readers and nature lovers. CEC Delhi has recently set many social media accounts, so that we can have a better connection with the awesome wildlifers, educators, students and people who genuinely care for NATURE.

Before going any further, we would like to share: Who We Are, What We Do and How you all can help us.


The Conservation Education Centre AKA CEC, Delhi was established jointly by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and Government of NCT of Delhi, in the year 2004. The centre is situated in the woods of Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. Since its establishment, it has been imparting conservation education among masses and primarily focuses on creating awareness about conservation of biodiversity through field based educational programmes.


The field education programmes conducted at Asola BhattiWildlife Sanctuary are very useful in creating interest among students of schools. Various activities that spins around real time knowledge, such as ‘Be a scientist for a day’, Wildlife theme based Painting and Slogan competitions, are conducted for students which gives them good learning experiences.


Every fortnight, CEC conducts weekend special public events on various themes like birds, reptiles, butterflies, moths and trees. There are a number of special events conducted by CEC Delhi like ‘Breakfast with Butterflies’, ‘Brunch with Birds’, ‘Toast to Trees’, ‘Bash with Bugs’ and Barbeque. Also, there are monsoon based events like ‘Rain and Reptiles’, ‘Monsoon Walk’, ‘Insect Safari’ etc. which can be booked by simply sending a mail to


Workshops on different topics are organized and carried out at CEC throughout the year. Workshops like Wildlife Film-making, Nature Photography and Editing, Kitchen Gardening and Composting, Bird Feeders, Art out of Waste and Studying Pond Life gives the participants the opportunity to learn about various aspects of environment and nature, which can be further put to good use.


CEC-Delhi aims at spreading awareness regarding the importance of nature and environment among young and adults. Eco-days like World Wetland Day, World Environment Day, World Wildlife Day,World Sparrow Day, World Forestry Day,World Environment Day, World Wildlife Week and many more are celebrated at CEC-Delhi by involving school children into theme based activities and presentations.


Bird walks, Tree walks, Butterfly walks and many more are conducted at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and other locations in Delhi, for the students and visitors by CEC. These walks are attended by many nature enthusiasts.


CEC – Delhi conducts outreach programmes at many schools, colleges, and various other locations like Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Surajpur Bird Sanctuary, and also in exhibitions held at other organizations like AADI and Swechha.

We encourage you all to participate in various activities. These activities will help you to understand the basics of nature. To start with you can

1. Be a part of the bird walks and plantation drives conducted in the sanctuary,
2. Write blogs and posts about the biodiversity of the sanctuary and share it on social media,
3. Write to the forest department if you have any complaints against issues regarding the sanctuary.

CEC drives change by:

1. Generating  new ideas which can be used to bring positive change for conservation
2. Unlocking the power of networks and partnerships
3. Promoting learning through professional development
4. Connecting communities to Ecofriendly ways and encourage them to be a sustainability practitioners
5. Harnessing information technology for conservation

To find out more about CEC, visit

See you all, on other social media platforms as well.

CEC, Delhi

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