Saturday, 2 September 2017

BNHS Hosts Festival of Butterflies

Delhi Butterfly Month – 2017 is first ever initiative to conserve butterflies in the capital region

September is Butterfly Month at Conservation Education Centre – Delhi. The month started with several educational programs and field trips scheduled throughout the month. The program is supported and encouraged by Department of Forests and Wildlife, Govt. of NCT Delhi. 

Ask anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, they’ll tell you that monsoon season especially August and September is their least favorite month of the year. Monsoon has a bad reputation for being hot and humid, with only occasional thunderstorm to provide some temporary relief. Most of the national parks remain close, bird watching is not easy and nature lovers usually take break due to continuous rains. 

In spite of all the national park being closed, naturalists still appreciate the fact that monsoon is a critical month in nature, with much to observe and appreciate. Humidity and blooming wildflowers attract many species of butterflies.

Delhi Butterfly Month kick started with grand inaugural function. The day began with lamp lighting ceremony and welcome speech. Later, attendees and kids watched an informative documentary and indulged in discussion.

After inauguration people went for one hour long Butterfly Walk and learned about the life cycle of butterflies, conservational issues and importance of their presence in an eco – system. They also learned how to attract butterflies in their home.

Kids learned ‘Butterfly Origami’ with Deepika and Lalita, origami experts. They used eco friendly material like sticks and leaves along and waste paper to make close and open wing butterflies. Creativity exceeded when kids started making caterpillar and pupa too.

We are encouraging everyone to participate in the month long programs. People should attend multiple events during Delhi Butterfly Month and feast their eyes on the fluttering beauties. 

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