Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Delhi Butterfly Month

A month long program envisioned as an annual affair with the explicit purpose of highlighting the status of butterflies in our capital. Delhi has over 80-recorded species of butterflies but the documentation is old, we want to start a process of documenting these butterflies every year.

The month will be celebrated with various events aimed at a wide-ranging audience. The programs are designed to increase participation and help maximum people to get attached to the winged beauties.

The inaugural function will be held on 1st September at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary (ABWLS) and we will have events leading up to the 17th, when we hold the Big Butterfly Count. In this count we will try and cover all green zones of Delhi like, ABWLS, Aravalli Bio Diversity Park, Yamuna Bio Diversity Park, JNU, Buddha Jayanti Park, Tilpath Valley, Tuglakabad Biodiversity Park, Lodi Garden.

There will also be campus counts at various big colleges in Delhi to garner support for the eventual count on 17th. At this point we will only be counting the number of species encountered (estimates for high encounter rate will be recorded) and maybe actual counts can be done from next year on.

Click To Know More About September 17 - Big Butterfly Count

The campus counts will be held at Amity University, IIT Delhi, JNU, GGSIPU, Delhi University, Manva Rachna University etc. We are aiming to reach upwards of 3000 people through our various programs stretched over a month.

The celebration will end on 23rd, when we hold a conference of butterfly experts, scientists, and researchers working around Delhi NCR. We will also give out prizes for the various competitions we will hold like butterfly photography, origami, painting, blog writing.

This will be a chance for experts and layman to interact share knowledge and experience with each other. We will also have discussions on various conservation issues and even sign a petition to name a state butterfly for Delhi. This forum is where will come a consensus and use the state symbol as a mascot for conservation in Delhi.

These counts keep happening in various cities in India like Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkatta, while the biggest one happens in UK, all across the country.

The blog is written by:

Sohail Madan

Centre Head
Conservation Education Centre

You may reach him: 

To know more about events. Please check - A Month For Butterflies

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